About Nick Bailey

nick-bailyNick Bailey is one of Europe’s most in-demand percussionists, constantly switching between different genres of music, with his extremely visual style of performance, and sensitivity to the ‘bigger musical picture’, gaining him a super reputation equally as musician and creative producer.

Nick operates at the upper end of the music business, having worked directly with top international acts such as Kelly Clarkson, Riverdance The Show and Celtic Woman. Some notable TV appearances include The X Factor, Regis and Kelly, The Eurovision Song Contest (2013) and The Voice of Ireland.

One of his most important creations is EXTREME RHYTHM, his own high-impact percussion ensemble, of which he is composer and frontman. His unique style of writing for percussion constantly pushes the boundaries, and reaches out to connect with movement and visual arts. He has written and produced two full length theater shows for Extreme Rhythm, entitled ‘PRIMAL’ and ‘#BPM’, respectively.

See Extreme Rhythm in action below.

[youtubegallery]Extreme Rhythm|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkIt9Fi97P0[/youtubegallery]

Most importantly, due to a long and successful career to date, with huge diversity, Nick UNDERSTANDS rhythm. Not just the ability to lay it down, but to have an insight/understanding on playing rhythmic patterns in a musical way to compliment the rest of the ensemble. (Personal Note from Nick: Yes, that’s a mouthful – please read it again – because it is the foundation of all things musical!)

Nick plays/records for the song, not just for the musicians in the audience.


Finally, Nick Bailey is proud to endorse AYOTTE Drums, ZILDJIAN Cymbals, LP Percussion, PROMARK Sticks and REMO Heads.