What I Do?

Artists often find themselves stuck in the middle between commercialism and musical integrity.

The ultimate goal is to tell the story you want to tell with your music.  That’s what I’m about – I can help you connect the two, and find the balance.

Whether I’m recording, touring, or conceptualizing – musical integrity will always be top of my agenda.  My approach to music performance is about making the ‘big picture’ sound great, not just myself within the big picture.  There’s a big difference!!

For example, in a recording scenario, this involves choosing the right grooves or selection of sounds for your music or production (and very often identifying the all-important sounds which don’t belong).   I work with you on a personal level, try to understand where you’re coming from, what story you want to tell with your music, who your target audience is.  Having established that, I can suggest sounds, rhythms, grooves, or soundscapes which will complement your music.