Nick Bailey is known for bringing a high level of energy and positivity to any creative setting, as well as an endless supply of ideas.  His creative energy is infectious, and always brings out the best in people very quickly.

Nick is quite primal in his approach – he believes that it’s possible to bring a pulse to music which goes as deep as heart and soul – takes over the listener. Nicks trademark ‘Primal’ pulse is not something as simplistic as a percussive rhythm – it can be quite complex, creating subliminal patterns of both rhythm and silence at various levels within a song or musical work to achieve the desired response.

Click the MP3 below to discover how Nicks Rhythm can reach deep inside you without any music – just using spoken word.

** Please use good headphones or speakers ***


‘RHYTHM’ – Lyrics by Nick Bailey ©2011



When it comes to the ‘BIG SHOW’ however – there is so much more going on than just audio. This is the entertainment industry – it’s visual, and it’s all about creating the synergy between the audio and visual.

Nick brings three key qualities to the table here – he thinks way outside the box to inspire the visual team, he brings a huge added dimension to the music team, and most importantly, he is a positive force to be around – making it easy for any artist he works with to feel comfortable and inspired in his company