Creative Producer

creative_producerOne of the most common processes to bring the development of a show over budget is the actualisation process of the rehearsed or recorded work.  Nick has extensive experience in this area, and can work with you and/or your music producer from the outset of the project, saving a lot of time and money, while helping your vision find its way from your minds eye to the stage or television.

‘Creative Production’ (probably more accurately described as ‘Actualisation’) is not a service you will often see advertised, as usually it is more of a ‘process’ – usually a painful one, as budgets stretch and timelines slow down, to try to correct the many problems which present themselves along the way ….

Having a vision is fantastic!  If you are prepared to strategise very carefully to maximize efficiency, cover as many angles as possible, and use your budget to prevent problems rather than to fight them – you may even see your vision through to the end.   However, it’s a minefield out there, with so many top professionals involved – producers – sound engineers – lighting designers and operators – stylists – costume designers – set designers – the list goes on.  These people are all professionals of the highest calibre, but they all work in their own areas.  By strategizing properly from the outset, you can avoid many unnecessary costs and a lot of time wasting.

If you have a show, or large project you are about to commence, get in touch now with no obligation – Nick will happily listen to your music, discuss your vision with you in person or by phone, and identify the areas in which he can help you.

You can contact Nick HERE