Performance Anxiety Coach

Nick has seen a great many people struck down over the years by an attack of performance anxiety.   ‘Struck Down’ sounds so dramatic, yet anyone who has been there will tell you that it feels like a physical attack on your body and your mind.

Nicks performance anxiety coaching sessions are conducted in privacy, on a one-to-one basis, and they are simple and non-technical, unlike many self-help books on the subject.  The content is all based on direct experience with numerous performers Nick has worked with (and treated) over the years, as well as his own personal experience in preparing for very high profile performances.

Finding the right person to help you with your performance anxiety makes all the difference – it can help you play that solo, make that speech, give a confident demonstration at that business meeting, or simply be ‘yourself’ on that all important first date.

Performance Anxiety coaching is not just for musicians and actors – it’s for Athletes, Corporate Professionals, Best Men at Weddings …

To enquire about this service, contact Nick HERE

Nick is currently working on his first book, Dealing With Performance Anxiety’, due for publication later this year.

* It is important to mention here that this is NOT a counseling service.  It is simply a process to help you begin to understand your fears, and allow you to embrace them rather than let them control you.